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Marine Bearings

As a competent manufacturer of bearing, we have been producing various products used in the fields of shipbuilding and industry for the last 25 years, and we are honored to introduce ourselves to you are the internationally-recognized company of the best skills and productivity.
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Mechanical Properties TLM Marine metric TXM Marine metric
Compressive Strength    
Normal Laminate 300 N/㎟ 280 N/㎟
Parallel to Laminate 90 N/㎟ 90 N/㎟
Tensile Strength 60 N/㎟ 55 N/㎟
Flexural Strength 65 N/㎟ 65 N/㎟
Shear Strength 80 N/㎟ 80 N/㎟
Hardness - Rockwell M 90 90
Density 1.3g/㎤ 1.3g/㎤

  • Extensive stock available
  • 24 hour turnaround for non-stock sizes
  • Classification approval for up to 15N/㎟
  • Approved dry running capability
  • Virtually no swell in water
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tolerant to edge loading